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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism

Cristian Nemescu

  • Director, Screenwriter, Producer
  • Born: 31.03.1979 in Bucharest
  • Died: 24.08.2006 in Bucharest
Graduate of the National University of Theatre and Film "I.L.Caragiale" (class of 2003). read more

Known for:


Festivals / Awards

  • 2000
CineMAiubit La bloc oamenii mor după muzică Prize for 16 mm Fiction Films
  • 2001
CineMAiubit Mecano Critics Award
  • 2003
Slovakia C Block Story Award of the Festival Director
  • 2004
Angers C Block Story Prix UIP
  • 2006
Milano Marilena de la P7 Grand Prize
  • 2006
UCIN Marilena de la P7 Prize for short film
  • 2007
Cannes California Dreamin' Grand Prize „Un certain regard”
  • 2007
Bruxelles California Dreamin' Grand Prize Iris; Audience Award; Special Prize Canvas
  • 2007
UCIN California Dreamin' Best Director & Best Screenplay
  • 2008
Gopo California Dreamin' Best Screenplay



Marilena from P7