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“Touch Me Not”, on the Big Screens, Starting with March 15, 2019

     The winner of the Golden Bear 2018 and of the Best Debut Feature Film at the Berlin Film Festival, Nu mă atinge-mă/Touch Me Not (directed by Adina Pintilie) will be officially released in the Romanian cinemas on March 15, 2019, during the ONE WORLD International Human Rights and Documentary Film Festival.
     The release will be accompanied by the series of public debates, “The Politics of the Body”, in which the film protagonists, some activists for the human rights from all over Europe will enter a direct dialogue with the Romanian audience about the sensitive and actual topics explored in the film.
     With the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute and of the Romanian Filmmakers Union in Romania, the debates “Touch Me Not – The Politics of the Body” accompanied the impressive international journey of the film in the most important film festivals of the world, as well as the main releases in cinemas in Europe and North America, which were hosted by events and prestigious institutions, such as MoMA (the New York Museum of Modern Art), ICA (the Contemporary Art Institute in London), the international film festivals in Karlovy Vary, Viennale, IDFA Amsterdam, BFI London etc.
     The debate series Touch Me Not – The Politics of the Body expands the self-reflexive process activated by the film, creating a space for open dialogue about topics such as: the personal boundaries, the body as “a battle field” of the ideologies, the alterity, intimacy and disability, the fluidity of the genres, the non-formative beauty, the personal freedom.
     MANEKINO FILM, the producer and distributor of Touch Me Not in Romania, intends to bring home this space of self-reflection and transformation by means of a series of special previews accompanied by the debates “The politics of the Body”, scheduled in March this year and made with the support of the Romanian Film Center, the Romanian Filmmakers Union, DACIN SARA and the Goethe Institute.
     The film was nominated for the European Discovery - Prix FIPRESCI  of the prestigious European Film Academy Awards, the so-called “the European Oscars”. Starting with October last year, the film was released in the cinemas of many countries, France, Germany, Great Britain, Austria, Netherlands, Poland, Greece, Denmark, Switzerland, USA. In 2019, the film will be released in other 25 countries.
     Touch Me Not was selected in over 50 prestigious festivals around the world, among which Toronto, Karlovy Vary, Viennale, BFI London, Sydney, Amsterdam, Sarajevo, Seville, Thessaloniki, Jerusalem, São Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Mumbai, Montreal etc. The film was extraordinarily received by some of the most important publications and international critic voices: IndieWire, Les Inrockuptibles, Libération, Die Zeit, Time Magazine, Sight & Sound, Kino Zeit, La Vanguardia, Télérama, Die Welt.
     With the music signed by the legendary band Einsturzende Neubauten, Touch Me Not brings together Laura Benson (Great Britain/France), Tómas Lemarquis (Iceland/France), Christian Bayerlein (Germany), Grit Uhlemann (Germany), Hanna Hofmann (Germany), Seani Love (Great Britain/Australia), Irmena Chichikova (Bulgaria), Dirk Lange (Germany). The cinematography is signed by George Chiper Lillemark (Romania), the sound design by Dominik Dolejsi (the Czech Republic), the production design by Adrian Cristea (Romania), the costumes by Maria Pitea (Romania), and the music composed by Ivo Paunov (Bulgaria).

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