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OWR 12 Brings the Traditional Sections of the Festival

     The 12th edition of the One World Romania – Human Rights and Documentary Festival takes place in Bucharest, from March 15 to 24, 2019.
     The film selection made by Andrei Rus and Vanina Vignal includes three sections that have become traditional for the OWR festival: they are dedicated to justice, activists and disabled people.
     The section “Forms of justice” includes five European films and a Brazilian documentary. In March we`ll find out the story of the removal of the first woman president of Brasil, Dilma Rousseff, we`ll meet five men convicted for pedophilia in an atypical jail in Corsica and we`ll walk through one of the oldest and most famous court in Paris, finding out the history, the utility and discovering the mystery of each of its corners.
     One of the representative films in this section is The Trial, Sergei Loznitsa`s latest documentary, made exclusively out of archive footages, which explores the concept of justice as a show, by means of one of the first Stalinist  trials in the `30s, against some economists accused of having planned a coup d`état against the Soviet government.
     In the section called “New possibilities”, the selected documentaries follow the stories of some activists who fight to save a forest in Paraguay from the exploitation of the corporations protected by corrupted governments; they join the rebels in Douma (Siria) with revolutionary idealism, living day by day by their side, trying to actually see and experience in what way art can have an impact in the reconstruction of a country destroyed by war, or they fight in Congo, for the democratization of a country in which the president postpones organizing new elections for years and treats the protesting citizens with bullets.
     One of the important films of the section is The Divide/La grieta, directed by Yrene Yague Herrero and Alberto Garcia Ortiz. The documentary presents the struggle of a historically marginalized families from Spain to stay in the social houses rented from the state. This struggle starts having new meanings from the moment they discover the power of the community to organize itself and to take action in order to defend the rights of its members.
     The section “Another reality” brings in front of the public the stories of some people with different mental disabilities, in their attempt to break down prejudices and have us discover them in their true complexity and to make us see how important it is that they exist, for the ones around them, even if the way they represent the reality is so much different from the way of the other people..
     For instance, Diego Governatori`s documentary, Quelle folie, presents Aurelien, who suffers from the Asperger`s syndrome, which is a form of autism, which is characterized by significant difficulties in social interaction and nonverbal communication. The director has us face to face with him, during the entire film, forcing us to reflect on many different things, one of them being questioning the concepts of “normality” and “disease”.
     Details: One World Romania

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