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The winners of the Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2017

     Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2017 named its winners on Sunday night, at the end of four days of screenings, performances and meetings.
     The jury of this year's edition was made up of director Tomer Heymann, Mayo Rodriguez, director of Bestias Danzantes Festival of Chile, and Florin Fieroiu, one of the best-known Romanian choreographers.
     The international competition's Best Film was The Line, directed by Adrien Ouaki and Nathan Cahen, whose choreographer is Adrien Ouaki. The short, awarded by the jury “for the complexity of the cinematographic exposure, doubled by a strong movement language that sustains the film's idea,” also took home a check for EUR 1,000.
     A mention was granted to the film 2-28, made by Florent Schwartz, director and choreographer, which reveals the effects of the instauration of general Chang's personality cult in Taiwan.
     The Innovation Award, amounting to EUR 500, went to the film To the Ends of the Fingertips, directed by Roswitha Chesher, which “which manages to create novel situations, new bodies and atmospheres, the cinematography and the movement working together to generate strange suspense moments,” according to the jury.
     The Mention for Innovation was won by the short We no longer wait for barbarians, directed by Alain El Sakhawi, who signed the choreography together with Collettivo QBR.
     The audience choice was Mourning, by director and choreographer Réka Szabó, a film that also took home an award of EUR 500.
     The title of Best Romanian Film and an award of EUR 1,000 offered by the Romanian Cultural Institute went to the film Golden Boi, directed by Corina Andrian, to which choreographers Maria Beatrice Tudor and Mariana Gavriciuc worked together.
     Golden Boi got its award for “the modality in which the cinematography elements create an intimate space between bodies and manage to change the perspective on space”.
     Moreover, the jury granted a Special Mention for Best Romanian Film to the production Fly on, by Dragoș Istvan Roșu, Luiza Comșa and Tudor Panduru, choreographers - Dragoș Istvan Roșu and Luiza Comșa.
     The Never Ending Project, by Laura Andrei, won the pitch [CO]LAB, due to the potential of its idea “to turn into a dance film meeting the criteria of the genre”.
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(Translated by Stela Moise)

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