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“Zavera”, World Premiere on Saturday, in the Competition of the Cairo Film Festival

     The feature film Zavera, directed by Andrei Gruzsniczki, starring Dorian BoguțăȘerban Pavlu and Ioana Flora, will have the world premiere on Saturday, on November 23, in the international competition of the 41st edition of the International Film Festival in Cairo. 
     Andrei Gruzsniczki`s third feature film will be screened at Grand Hall, at 18:00 (local time). The film is also scheduled on November 24, at Cinema Karim 1. The director Andrei Gruzsniczki, some of the actors and members of the production team will be on the red carpet.
     The Cairo Film Festival which this year takes place from November 20 to 29, is a class A film festival.
     Zavera focuses on Ștefan Caragioiu (Dorian Boguță), a construction engineer in his `50s. His existence gets stuck when he has to face the sudden death of his best friend, the architect Nic Papahonțu (Șerban Pavlu), that he had a strong connection with, through everything he has done so far. Nic represents everything that Ștefan would have wanted from life: he was charismatic, talented, of an incredible ease, very cultivated and with a great sense of the people. He dies accidentally and Ștefan is forced to open his eyes onto the world around him and to take decisions. He discovers that all the truths be had believed in until that moment stagger seriously, including his friendship to Nic.
     Zavera will have the Romanian premiere on November 29, 2019. The film is distributed by Bomb Film Production.
     Details: Zavera FB

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