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”World War Cup”, a 3D SG animation, created by Sebastian Cosor and produced byMihai Mitrică

     The two filmmakers joined their forces at the Puls Digital Production studio in order to create an animation short film which is less common for Romania. World War Cup is a 20 minutes film that 15 people worked on. In a production studio from another country, we would have found a credits list with hundreds of collaborators.
     The story has two main characters, whose voices belong to Andi Vasluianu and Tudor Chirilă; they are two slightly senile old men, who fought in the Second World War and who are great football lovers. Their war memories are transferred into a football match, in which, of course, they are the heroes of the victory. The plans intertwine permanently in their minds, blurred by the old age. Sebastian Cosor wrote the screenplay together with Ana Lăzărescu and he has been working on the drawings and on the animation for two years. Cosmin Sîrbulescu created the set design. Their paying attention to every detail is quite impressive and the team has daily lists with changes. Mihai Mitrică joined the creative team as a producer.
     Since World War Cup is almost finished and is ready to set off in the festivals journey, the team from Puls Digital Production, which is part of the Safe Frame company is ready to embark on new projects; for some of them they already have financing from the Romanian National Film Center.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru

Tags: andi vasluianu, mihai mitrica, puls digital production, sebastian cosor, tudor chirila, world war cup animation