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Virgil Ianțu in „Lie to Me in the Old Town”

     Virgil Ianțu is making his acting debut in the romantic comedy Minte-mă frumos în Centrul Vechi (Lie to Me in the Old Town) (directed by Iura Luncașu), to be released on Friday, April 1st.

     Ianțu plays the part of an actor who, after a catastrophic public screening, abandons the project before the premiere, leaving the rest of the crew hanging. If you want to know how such a turning of events could affect a career, you are welcome to find out on April 1st, in theatres.
     Lie to Me in the Old Town is produced by the Contemporary Theatre Foundation, its producers being Adrian Lustig and Cristina Dobrițoiu. The screenplay is signed by Adrian Lustig, and the photography by Andrei Băltărețu.


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