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”End of the Summer”, a film by Radu Potcoavă

     ICON production's team was already shooting in Cernavodă, so we took the train and went on location.A 2-hour journey made in 4, compliments of theRomanian Railway Company (CFR).We arrived in Cernavodă Pod station and, besidesthe station master waving a flag, we were greeted by a small pub with a terrace where we had coffee among workers drinking beer. So our entrance was not that spectacular, but we got quickly to the location, where a lot of kids were playing football. In a tent we found Oleg Mutu, director of photography and the team, and in another tent we met with Radu Potcoavă and with Velvet Moraru, producer, plus the video assist team. Everything was going on under a scorching sun, in a city that seemed deserted.
We witnessed rehearsals and double takes, long discussions between shots, the entire running of a technical machinery put into motion bythe omnipresent Oana Matei, production manager. Several police crews helped with blocking the streets. Svetlana Mihăilescu dressed the boys who played football. The leading roles, given that the story focuses on several children, are held by Dan Hurduc and Nicholas Bohor (Domestic). Crina Tofan(Live)holds a supporting role. Later on we found out that the entire team was impressed with the talent and earnestness of these children/actors, and that Radu Potcoavă was very happy with his choices. The children were ensured even a wrestling and stunts trainer.
Other supporting roles are held by Ofelia PopiiȘerban Pavlu, Dorian Boguță, actors who worked before with Radu Potcoavă and Velvet Moraru. Emilian Oprea had already left.
The entire team was accommodated in Cernavodă during the shooting, thus having the opportunity to reminiscence about the times when movies were made in several locations all over the country and shots lasted for months. During those times, they all felt a sense of belonging to a ”family”, isolated from the busy Bucharest. ”Everywhere you go in Cernavodă, you meet someone in the team. It's like we took over the city”, Ofelia Popii confessed.
End of the Summer is a drama taking place in the '90, in a provincial town. Radu Potcoavă has begun the editing withCătălin Cristuțiu. The movie is to have its premiere in 2016. 
Imagine: Dan Țuculescu 

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