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“Garlic” available online, on Vimeo

     The comedy produced in Cluj, Usturoi (Garlic), is now accessible to anyone having a credit card and Internet access, being available for viewing everywhere on the dedicated Vimeo account, in its variant for Romania and the one for overseas viewers.

     From Romania, a viewing (valid for 48 h) amounts to EUR 1,99 (about RON 9 – free of VAT), and the film is available for downloading at the cost of EUR 7 EUR (about ROM 32), with subtitling in English, German and Hungarian. Also, subtitling in Russian and French are to be added.
     Garlic was written and produced by Radu Băzăvan, a blogger residing in Cluj (, and directed by Lucian Alexandrescu, born in Sibiu and currently living in Miami, USA. The film tells the story of two children and their journey from Sălaj to Cluj-Napoca, where they intend to fulfil their dream of becoming actors.
     Details on: Site  //  Facebook 

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