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„One Step Behind the Seraphim”, launched on DVD

   One Step Behind the Seraphim / Un pas în urma serafimilor, debutul în lungmetraj al regizorului Daniel Sandu`s feature directorial debut, was launched on DVD. The bonus found on the DVD is the original music of the film, composed by Marius Leftărache, who received the UCIN Award for Best Original Music.
The film tells the story of Gabriel, a teenager who wants to become a priest and enters an Orthodox theological seminary. He tries to adjust and to fit in that environment, but finally, he realizes that the system is corrupt and abusive. Not long after, he and three other colleagues are considered problem-students by the school council. Caught in the fight for power between an incorruptible, but abusive priest and a shrewd and corrupt, laical professor, the students learn that lying, stealing, manipulating and betraying are skills they need to learn and assimilate, in order to make it through the seminary.     
     Details: Un pas în urma serafimilor FB

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