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“One Step Behind the Seraphim”, released in theatres on September 22nd

     Un pas în urma serafimilor / One Step Behind the Seraphim, the feature film debut by director Daniel Sandu, is to be released on Romanian big screens on September 22nd, 2017.
     The film tells the story of Gabriel, a teenager who wants to become a priest and is admitted to a theology orthodox seminar. He tries to adapt to this environment, but finally he realises that the system is corrupt and abusive. Shortly, he and other colleagues are labelled by the school council as trouble students. Caught in the middle of a power fight between an incorruptible but abusive priest and a laic shrewd and corrupt professor, the students learn that lying, stealing, manipulation and betrayal are skills they have to learn to master if they want to make it through the seminar.
     One Step Behind the Seraphim stars in the leading roles actors Ștefan Iancu and Vlad Ivanov, the cast being completed by Ali Amir, Alfred Wegeman, Ștefan Mihai, Niko Becker, Ilie Dumitrescu Jr., Cristian Bota, Marian Popescu, Radu Botar.
     The screenplay and directing are signed by Daniel Sandu, the cinematography was made by George Dăscălescu, editing by Mircea Olteanu, costumes by Cireșica Cuciuc, scenography by Adrian Cristea, and Marius Leftărache dealt with the sound-design. The producers are Ada Solomon and Ioana Drăghici.
     The film was developed ever since 2008 within most prestigious specialised workshops: CineLink 2008, Ekran Wajda School 2010, Berlinale Co-Production Market 2013, Les Arcs Coproduction Village, Baltic Event Coproduction Market.
     One Step Behind the Seraphim is distributed in Romania by microFILM, and internationally by INDIE SALES.
     The feature film debut by director Daniel Sandu is a production of Hi Film Productions, made with the support of the National Filmmaking Centre and of the Programme MEDIA – EUROPA CREATIVĂ of the European Union, Hollywood Multiplex București Mall, Dr. Oetker, BCR, Vodafone România, MEDA, Praktiker România, Alphega Farmacie.
(Translated by Stela Moise)

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