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Last two meetings of “Cinematheque for Everybody”

     On Thursday, 23 June, from 19:00, the Eforie Hall of the Romanian Cinematheque will host the 24th meeting of the programme “Cinematheque for Everybody”, delivered by the critic, journalist and writer Cristian Tudor Popescu.
     It is the one before the last meetings of Romanian Cinematheque's 2015-2016 season.
     The new lecture within “Cinematheque for Everybody” will approach the genre Romanian cinema of the communist era, focusing on spy movies represented by features such as: Agentul straniu/Strange Agent (1974, directed by Savel Stiopul), Rețeaua S/S Network (1980, directed by Virgil Calotescu) and Calculatorul mărturisește/The Computer Confesses (1982, directed by George Cornea).
     “Cinematheque for Everybody” is a project developed by EuRo Cinema Association and the Romanian Cultural Institute, with the support of the National Film Archives – Romanian Cinematheque (main partner). Initiated in October, 2015, the programme „Cinematheque for Everybody” enjoyed great success with Eforie Cinematheque's audience, and thus it was extended. The last meeting of this programme's first edition will take place at Eforie Cinematheque, on 30 June, from 19:00.

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