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Uli M Schueppel invites the Romanian filmmakers to a masterclass

     The Romanian filmmakers are invited to submit to a masterclass held by Uli M.Schueppel, organized by Switch Lab.
     Uli M.Schueppel is the author, director, producer and – occasionally – the cinematographer of 14 films, from feature films and essay-films to documentaries, together with a series of short films, many music videos and animated films. Besides working in the film industry, Schueppel works in the field of the new media (video and photo installations). His works were exhibited at MoMA, Louvre and the Contemporary Art Institute of London. And now, he organizes a masterclass about storytelling in the documentaries on music.
     Five participants will be able to attend the masterclass. The filmmakers who are interested in it can send a CV and a short letter of intent to the address The masterclass will be held from November 11 to 14, 2020.
Details: Switch La (Facebook)


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