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Three Super 2018 Awards for Toto

     The 6th edition of the Super, Festival for Films Made by Teenagers (June 7-10, 2018), organized by the young filmmakers Luca Istodor, Teona Galgoțiu and Ioana Bogdana, ended with a ceremony that took place at the Eforie Cinematheque. The jury made of the actress Ilinca Hărnuț, the screenwriter Ruxandra Ghițescu and the director Paul Negoescu, announced the awards.
     The big winner of the night was Toto, a teenager who became known thanks to the documentary Toto and His Sisters / Toto și surorile lui, made by Alexander Nanau in 2014 about three children from ferentari. After a few years, Totonel grew to become an aspiring artist. This year he made his first short film about the PlayHood experience, the life as a teenager and many other sensitive things. The film`s name is #Together/ #Împreună and it is very appropriate for the times we all live in Romania nowadays. He entered the film at the #Super festival and he won three awards: the Audience Award, the Astra Film Festival Award and the Big Prize of the festival.
     "We are the first PlayHood generation. I started this journey 5 years ago when I was very little and I could hardly tell a few letters. Now we are all grown up, we have our theatre group, we had performances on the biggest stages in the country with our dowry of three original, made in Ferentari plays which depict, in a combination of reality and fiction our turning from shy little guys into ambitious young people. And free. During all this time many people stood by our side and pushed us forward and the Policy Center for Roma and Minorities, the organization that made everything possible for us and offered a safe and cool space for us to evolve at the Club for Alternative Education", said Toto about the project.
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