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The ”Eastern Affair” (working title), a film by Igor Cobileanski

A comedy noir, filled with sarcasm and sadness, a film meant for the audience and that will also be selected for festivals – that is how the producer IulianaTarnovețchi describes her newest achievement at Alien Film. This is an ambitious project, spread over 50 locations, with high-tech gear and a Romanian – Lithuanian crew. ”It will look like a million-dollar movie even if the budget is rather on the modest side”.The trust placed in the film by the producer is justified, among other things, by the fact that Igor Cobileanski is the scriptwriter and the director. For eight years, the script has gone through various development stages, it reached a developer who put it on hold then Alien Film took it over and finally built up the financing.
The Eastern Affair is a Romanian-Lithuanian co-production. The director of photography, FeliksasAbrukauskas, is Lithuanian and gets along perfectly with Igor Cobileanski, as per the latter's statement. We arrived on location in an abandoned building where they were shooting scenes from a jail where the two Moldavian guys, Petro (Ion Sapdaru) and Marian (Constantin Pușcașu), ended up after leaving their homes in searchfor a better living abroad. The cast is made up of actors from the Romanian cities of Iași and Piatra Neamț and from the Republic of Moldova.
Imagine: Dan Țuculescu  

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