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“Dead Nation”, by Radu Jude, available on DVD

     Dead Nation/Țara moartă, made by Radu Jude, the most successful Romanian documentary of 2017, is now available on DVD. The package includes the film, with English subtitles, the official film trailer and the trailer of promoting the Young Theatre Festival in Sibiu. The DVD can be found in the Cărturești Bookstore network, or it can be purchased online on cărtureș
     Dead Nation is a documentary essay composed of more than 500 photographs, out of the 8,500 of the Costică Acsinte collection, texts written by Emil Dorian and fragments of soundtracks from some propaganda films from the '30s - '40s. The film was edited by Cătălin Cristuţiu, the sound design was made by Dana Bunescu, and the technical counseling  was ensured by Marius Panduru.
     The film was made with the support of Cezar Mario Popescu, the person who discovered Costică Acsinte`s photographs.
     The feature-length documentary which was selected in many festivals (it premiered at the last year`s edition of the Locarno Film Festival), received very good reviews. It was considered a work which is “perfectly suspended between realism and poetry” and Radu Jude was called the new ”golden boy of the Romanian cinema”. The production which brought Radu Jude the Best Director Award at the La Orquídea (Cuenca) Film Festival, was also presented in festivals such as: BFI London Film Festival, Haifa Film Festival, Vienna International Film Festival and International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam.
     More than 5,200 viewers watched the film in the Romanian cinemas.
     Dead Nation is a Hi Film and Fast Film production, made with the support of the Romanian Film Centre and Orange Romania. Ada Solomon is the producer of the film.
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