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”The Film Stars Sing”

   Following the success of the first album, “Actors sing for actors”, produced by UNITER, Margareta Pâslaru joined her forces with the Filmmakers Union for the music album “The film stars sing” (”Stelele filmului cântă”). Both musical productions are charitable, the profits are being used for the artist who retired and for those with health problems.
Having a musical background or not, the actors sang the songs written by Margareta Pâslaru and came with the modesty of the apprentice to the rehearsals and recordings that took place at the Jolt and Andrei Kerestely studio. Being present at the event from the Muzica Store, some of them confessed having been honored to be invited to be part of this project.
 The actors who brought their contribution to this artistic message are:  Maia MorgensternȘtefan Velniciuc, Monica Davidescu, Stela Popescu, Eugen Cristea, Alexandra Velniciuc, Valentin Teodosiu, Jeanine Stavarache, Andreas Petrescu, Florin Zamfirescu, Margareta Pâslaru, Ștefan Bănică jr, Alexandru Arșinel, Adriana Trandafir, Aurelian Temișan, Marian Râlea, Anca Sigartău, Silviu Biriș, Mihai Bisericanu, Marius ManoleRodica MandacheEmilia Popescu and Grupul Sound.
  After the release of the album “The film stars sing”, Margareta Pâslaru was present at the opening of the exhibition “Autumn, leave my trees green”, made of posters from different shows and films from her personal collection; the oldest one is from 1963. The exhibition is opened at the Bucharest Museum and the selection was made by Margareta Pâslaru and Adrian Majuru, the director of the museum.
Imagine: Dan Țuculescu

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