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Șerban Pavlu and „Everybidy in Our Family”, at the London Cinemateque

     The program of the Romanian Cinematheque at the ICR head office in London, continued on Thursday July 4, with the last screening before the summer vacation - Radu Jude`s second feature film, Everybody in Our Family / Toată lumea din familia noastră. Organized in partnership with the British company Second Run and on the occasion of the world premiere release of the film pob Blu-ray, the event ended with a Q&A session with the lead actor Şerban Pavlu, moderated by Magda Stroe, the ICR London activity coordinator.
     Marius (Şerban Pavlu) is a divorced man, who anxiously waits for the days he gets to spend with hos daughter, Sofia (Sofia Nicolaescu). Unfortunately, his ex-wife, Otilia (Mihaela Sîrbu), has a different point of view on the relationship the little girl should have with her father and she tries her best to cancel his plans of spending a happy summer with her, at the seaside. The spectacle of released reproaches, of erupting frustrations, of vitriolic shabbiness and of increasing verbal violence which generates physical violence, turn this film into one of the most memorable recent productions.

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