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Elisabeta Bostan Retrospective at the “Romanian Film Days” in Lerești

     During 7-11 September, 2016, the Town Hall of Lerești commune is organising the “Romanian Film Days”, and an Elisabeta Bostan Retrospective is to be held during the event.
     The retrospective is to include other features signed by the above-mention director: Campioana / The ChampionMama / MotherSaltimbancii / The Circus Performers and Fram, the Polar Bear. The programme will include other fiction cinema production (Cel mai iubit dintre pământeni / The Earth's Most Beloved SonTicăloșii / The Villains, Doar cu buletinul la Paris / To Paris with the Identity CardCarmen), as well as documentaries: Mari actori români / Great Romanian ActorsSă nu ne răzbunați / Do Not Revenge USArmenopolis and Domnul Beligan / Mister Beligan.
     The event will be hosted by “Sarmiza Bilcescu Alimănișteanu” Athenaeum in Lerești Commune, and the daily programme is to kick off with a documentary (between 18.00-19.00), then carried on with a fiction feature-length film, both screenings being held indoors. From 21.00, the viewers will have the opportunity to see an outdoors film.

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