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”Sweet Little Lies@Downtown” – Premiere

    The team Adrian Lustig (screenwriter and producer) – Iura Luncașu (director) brings the second part of the series which started with Sweet Little Lies in 2012. If in the first romantic comedy the heroes were Diana Dumitrescu and Andi Vasluianu, this time the focus is on the couple Marius Damian – Antoaneta Zaharia. Alongside these two actors, the very fashionable Downtown area in Bucharest is filled with very “coulorful” characters played by actors such as Coca BloosAdriana TrandafirGeorge PiștereanuEmilian OpreaSorin Dobrin, Ionuț Grama and also famous people in the media like Viorel Lis.

Cinematography: Nicolae Cara

Tags: adrian lustig, antoaneta zaharia, iura luncasu, marius damian, minte-ma frumos in centrul vechi film, sweet little lies@downtown