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”By the Rails”, directed by Cătălin Mitulescu, premiere at the North Train Station

    Ten years after The Way I spent the End of the World and six years after LoverboyCătălin Mitulescu has the premiere of his latest feature film, By the Rails. The story (written by the director) about love, separation and finding each other again has Alexandru Potocean and Ada Condeescu as its protagonists and it is produced by Strada Film. The Aarc team  went on the set in Romania and also at the preview screening that took place at the Royal Hall from the Bucharest North Train Station.


Cătălin Mitulescu confessed how he got to the story of the man who goes to Italy to work and leaves his wife and child behind.

The producer Daniel Mitulescu talked about the collaboration with an Italian partner for the shootings in Italy and about his involvement in making the soundtrack.

One of the musicians that brought their contribution to the soundtrack is the composer Jean-Paul Wall, who attended the premiere in Bucharest.

Alexandru Potocean shares his shooting experience, speaking about his part and about working with cu Cătălin Mitulescu.

The actor Claudiu Trandafir is happy to be in a film directed by Cătălin Mitulescu, with whom he has been friends for many years.

Oana Tudor found her character quite easily, after a discussion with the director.
Cinematography: Nicolae Cara

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