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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism Premiere – “Traditions and communities: Șezi Urban Rural Dynamics” presents Traditions and Communities: the episode the Șezi Urban Rural Dynamics, is a video illustration made with the help of the members of the  Creative Traditions community. The project is initiated by Octavia and Lucian Lois (founders of the Șezi project), Teodor Frolu and Vintilă Mihăilescu (founders of the Romania - Creative Traditions), Alexandru Andrășanu (director of the Țara Hațegului UNESCO International Geopark).
     Șezi Urban Rural Dynamics is another episode of the  Creative Traditions series, a national community which brings together different initiatives in the field of the creative traditions and intends to offer visibility, development opportunities, to encourage the collaboration, setting partnerships and to inspire future initiatives. The episode is directed by Emi Gheorghe.
ȘEZI is created by Octavia and Lucian Lois, two young architects who left the #urban space behind and chose the #rural one, looking for the harmonious relationship between nature and man, past and present, architecture and drawing, form, time, old and new. The tradition seems to bring them all together, giving them meaning and offering the two young people a starting point.
     Romania – Creative Traditions is a national platform open to all those interested in the fields, where the “creative traditions” try to identify and promote a permeable domain connected to the creative industries, to the different “ethno” trends, without being confused with them.

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