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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism Premiere: “Muzeon – Ștefan Râmniceanu”, by Laurențiu Damian

     The premiere of the week on is the documentary Muzeon - Ștefan Râmniceanu, directed by Laurenţiu Damian.
     “The art documentary presents not only the work of this big postmodern artist, but also his gesture of building a museum that is representative for him and his creation. This museum cannot be interpreted but as an invitation addressed to all the artists and especially the young ones, to come and present their works.” Laurențiu Damian said about the film.
     In Muzeon – Ștefan Râmniceanu, the director changes the living and working space of Ștefan Râmniceanu into a meditation on life and creation. The camera goes into the painter`s museum-home, discovering his work, his fundamental motifs, his obsessions and chimeras. Built as a visual essay, the film combines the fine arts language with the choreographic one, pointing out the stages of the painter`s work, through visual and auditive comments.

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