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Film Critics Association 2015 Award for Best Film Journalism Premiere – „July Love”, by George ve Gänæaard

     The latest premiere is July Love, an animated film signed by George ve Gänæaard and produced by Ayrton P. Bryan, for mc2 film. When a corporate fly is caught in a speeding car, on his way to work, he must do everything to escape, otherwise it risks losing his job, friends and entire life.
     “When I wrote the screenplay for July Love, it didn`t cross my mind it could turn into a film. All I wanted was to tell a funny story about an idea I had at one point. But the people who read the script were thrilled actually. So when I saw a simple animation made by Horia, I tought about asking him to help me with this film. Because of the budget restrictions, we chose a more experimental and playful manner: a combination of photos and the illustrations made by Ana, using also Horia`s experience in making motion design.
     The editing and animation are made by Cucută, the illustrations by Ana Iugulescu, the sound and original music weresigned by Alexandru Vicol. The film features: Andrea Buccino, Mihaela Coman, Valentin Păduraru, Horia Cucută, Ayrton P. Brya.

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