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Cinepub premiere: “The Fox Hunt”, directed by Mircea Daneliuc

     Vânătoarea de vulpi/The Fox Hunt, one of the wronged and less known features by Mircea Daneliuc, must be urgently rediscovered and thoroughly discussed. Because “it is a hidden jewel of Romanian cinema”, as film critic Ionuț Mareș wrote.
     Starting this week, the film may be viewed online on the Cinepub platform.
     Screening of the novel signed by Dinu Săraru, “Niște țărani” (“Some Peasents“), with Mitică Popescu and Mircea Diaconu in two memorable roles, The Fox Hunt is “the only film that, in full Ceaușescu's regime, portrayed the collectivisation phenomenon in all its tragic splendour,” Titus Vîjeu stated.
     Năiţă Lucean, a stubborn devious farmer, who made no other politics than going to war, opposes collectivisation through all tricks he thinks of. He instinctively feels that giving away his land and cattle to the State is no good to him. But the idea of collective good is imposed to him by force. The country enters the dark blackness of the '50s obsessive decade, closing the lid on the Romanian's soul coffin.
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