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Premiera Cinepub – „Tradiții și comunități: Cosânzeana”

     Cinepub presents Traditions and Communities: Cosânzeana / Tradiții și comunități: Cosânzeana, a video illustration made with the help of the Romania of the Creative Traditions community. The initiators of this project are: Laura Leonte (the initiatorof the Cosânzeana project), Nicoleta (the manager of the Cosânzeana workshop), Teodor Frolu (initiator of the Romania of the Creative Traditions), Vintilă Mihăilescu (initiator of the Romania of the Creative Traditions), Alexandru Andrășanu (Director of the Țara Hațegului UNESCO International Geopark). 
     Cosânzeana is the first episode of the Creative Traditions series, a national community which brings together initiatives in the field of creative traditions and intends to offer them visibility, opportunities to develop, to encourage collaboration, setting partnerships and to inspire future initiatives.
     Cosânzeana, a small workshop of Aninoasa, in Dâmbovița, invites us to rediscover the craft of handwork by means of the sewing sets on wood (with patterns of folk inspiration), prepared by Laura Leonte together with the people of the local community and adapted to the contemporary people.
     The Romania of the Creative Traditions is the national platform opened to all of the people interested in this field, where “the creative traditions” try to identify and promote a niche field which are close to the creative industries, with different “ethno”currents, etc, without mistaking them with these ones.  

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