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Cinepub Premiere – “Loop” and “How the World Was Made”

     This week, launches online two short animation films: Loop, directed by Claudia Ilea and How the World Was Made, directed by Maria Brudașcă).
     In Loop, Claudia`s thoughts about people, nature, science and society are carefully blended in her works. The media she used vary from drawings and engraving to installation and videos; her latest passion is animation, because, as she mentions, “it finally brings to life” some of her eccentric ideas.
     Maria Brudașcă is a visual artist passionate about anything that involves drawing. She graduated the Art and Design University in Cluj. Her main field of activity is graphic design, book illustration and animation. In the past few years, she started exploring the analog visual screenings (retroscreenings) in performances made in collaboration with musicians and audio producers.

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