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”Portraits in the forest”, a film written and directed by Dinu Tănase

    The feature film Portraits in the Forest / Portrete în pădure arrived in cinemas with a delay of few years, as Dinu Tănase told us in the interview of the week. The drama with a touch of thriller is a 2014 production; it is the feature film debut for the actor Lari Giorgescu and also for the director of photography Pătru Păunescu and the composer Cari Tibor. The screening that took place at the Union Cinemateque was attended by Dan Condurache, who plays the main character and also by Camelia ZorlescuSimona BondocMarius Stănescu, Alin State, Dorin Andone, Avram Iclozan and the set designer MihneaTăutuOfelia Popii joined the film crew at the gala screening in Sibiu.
   In the autumn of this year, the premiere of the film Who Killed Christmas? / Cine a ucis Crăciunul? is scheduled; the director DinuTănase worked again with Pătru Păunescu and Alin State.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru
Translation: Iulia Necoara

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