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NexT releases the critical analysis “A Charming Girl”

     The feature film A Charming Girl / Un film cu o fată fermecătoare, directed by Lucian Bratu, based on a screenplay written by Radu Cosașu, will be screened during a special event that marks the official release of the critical analysis written by Andrei Gorzo and published by the NexT Cultural Society, in partnership with the LiterNet Publishing House. The event is organized within the frames of the film education programme Éducation à l’image, that reached its 10th year of activity.
The screening will take place 
on Tuesday, May 15, from 19:00, at the Eforie venue of the Romanian Cinematheque (Eforie street, no.2). After the screening, the viewers are invited to have a conversation with Andrei Gorzo about the film and about its importance in the history of the Romanian film, as well as about the reasons that convinced him to dedicate this analysis to this film.150 brochures will be offered to the viewers that will attend the event; the material will also be available online on the LiterNet website.
     “A Charming Girl, the result of the collaboration between Lucian Bratu and Radu Cosașu, is an interesting product of the Romanian cinema of the second half of the `60s: an intellectualist film, with plenty of dialogue, with characters who have chic jobs, interests or life styles, with a spirit that owes a great deal to the new wave of the French cinema of those years and to other new, fresh tendencies of western cinemas of those days”, Andrei Gorzo says.
Éducation à l’image is a programme destined to the high school students in Bucharest, which is meant to familiarize them with the author films and the art cinema, with watching films in cinema and to offer them some basic tools to interpret the specific language (both artistically and technically), turning them from passive consumers into active viewers.
Every year, the Éducation à l’image programme brings three proposals, following this formula: one film from the Romanian cinema, one from the French cinema (chose in partnership with the French Institute) and one from the international cinema. For the school year 2017-2018, the chosen films are: A Charming Girl (directed by Lucian Bratu), The Royal Tenenbaums (directed by Wes Anderson) and Bande de filles (directed by Céline Sciamma).
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