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From Friday, “The Whistlers”, Is in the Cinemas, in 45 Cities

     The Whistlers / La Gomera, Corneliu Porumboiu`s fifth feature film, Romania`s proposal for a nomination at the Oscars 2020, will be released in the Romanian cinemas on September 13, with screenings in 45 cities all over Romania, with special screenings in Timișoara, Cluj-Napoca, Iași and Constanța.
     In Bucharest, the film is scheduled in the follosing cinemas: Cinema City AFI Cotroceni, Cinema City Park Lake, Cinema City Sun Plaza, Cinema City Mega Mall, Grand Entertainment Băneasa, Hollywood Multiplex, Movieplex, Cineplexx Titan, Happy Cinema, Peasant Museum Cinema, „Elvire Popesco” Cinema and Cinema Europa.
     In the country, the film can be watched here: Alba Iulia (Cinema Inspire), Alexandria (Happy Cinema, Cinema Alexandria), Arad (Cinema City Arad Atrium), Bacău (Cinema City Bacău Arena Mall), Baia Mare (Cinema City Baia Mare), Bârlad (Cityplex), Bistrița (Centrul Cultural Dacia), Botoșani (Cine Globe, Cinema Unirea), Brăila (Cinema City Brăila), Brașov (Cinema One), Buzău (Happy Cinema), Călărași (Centrul Cultural Călărași), Cluj-Napoca (Cinema „Florin Piersic”, Cinema Victoria, Cinema City Iulius Mall, Cinema City Cluj VIVO!), Constanța (Cinema City Constanța City Park, Cinema City Constanța VIVO!, Cinema „Jean Constantin”), Craiova (Cinema Inspire Mercur, Cinema Inspire VIP Electroputere, Cinema Patria, Cinema Modern), Deva (Cinema Patria, Cinema City Deva), Dorohoi (Cinema Melodia), Drobeta Turnu Severin (Cinema City Drobeta Turnu Severin), Focșani (Happy Cinema, Cinema Balada), Galați (Cinema City Galați, Cinema Prof. Ioan Manole) , Hunedoara (Cinema Flacăra 3D), Iași (Cinema Iași, Cinema City Iași Iulius Mall), Lugoj (Cinema „Bela Lugosi”) and Moinești (Cinema Moinești – Centrul Cultural Lira).
     The list continues with the following localities: Odobești (Casa de Cultură „Constantin C. Giurescu”), Onești (Cinema Capitol), Oradea (Cinema Palace), Piatra Neamț (Cinema City Piatra Neamț, Cinema Mon Amour), Pitești (Cinema City Pitești VIVO!, Cinema Trivale, Cinema „Sebastian Papaiani”), Ploiești (Cinema City Ploiești AFI, Cinema City Shopping City), Râmnicu Vâlcea (Cinema Ostroveni, Cinema City Râmnicu Vâlcea), Satu Mare (Cineplexx Satu Mare, Ankora Film), Sfântu Gheorghe (Cityplex Arta), Sibiu (Centrul Cultural „Ion Besoiu”), Sinaia (Cinema Carpați), Slatina (Centrul Cultural Slatina), Slobozia (Casa de Cultură Slobozia), Suceava (Cinema City Suceava, Cinema Modern), Târgoviște (Line Cinema), Târgu Jiu (Cinema City Târgu Jiu, Cinema „Sergiu Nicolaescu”), Târgu Mureș (Cinema City Târgu Mureș), Timișoara (Cinema City Timișoara Iulius Mall, Cinema City Timișoara Shopping City), Tulcea (Cityplex) and Vaslui (Cityplex).
     The Whistlers is distributed by Ro Image and 42 KM FILM. On Friday, September 13, The Whistlers will open the first edition of the event Romanian Film Evenings in Timișoara. the screening will take place at Iulius Gardens, starting with 21:00, in the presence of the director Corneliu Porumboiu and of the actors Vlad IvanovRodica Lazăr and Julieta Szönyi.
     The Whistlers will return to Cluj-Napoca after the preview it had during the TIFF. the special screening is scheduled to take place at the “Florin Piersic” Cinema on Saturday, September 14, from 19:00, in the presence of the film director and of Catrinel menghia (Marlon).
     The Iași audience will be able to meet the two of them on Sunday, September 15 at the screenings that will take place at the Ateneu Cinema, from 19:00 and 21:00.
     On Saturday, September 21, from 17:00, “The Whistlers” crew will attend the screening scheduled at the “Jean Constantin” Cinema in Constanța.
     The Whistlers, which is among the eligible feature films for a nomination at the European Film Awards, had the world premiere during the Cannes Film Festival this year and the North-American premiere in the “Masters” section of the Toronto International Film Festival 2019.
     The film features Vlad Ivanov, Catrinel Marlon (Menghia), Rodica Lazăr, Sabin Țambrea, Julieta Szönyi, George PiștereanuIstván Teglas, Agustí Villaronga, Cristóbal Pinto and Antonio Buíl.
     Vlad Ivanov is Cristi, a corrupt Romanian policeman, involved in a 30 million Euro business with the mafia. He gets to the island La Gomera (Spain), in order to learn “El Silbo”, a whistled language used by the local people. The coded language will help him free Zsolt (Tambrea), an interloper who is under arrest in Bucharest and who is the only person who knows where the money is hidden.
     Details: La Gomera FB

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