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Interview of the week with Șerban Pavlu

    “As an actor, you should always start from zero when the opportunity comes your way” is Șerban Pavlu`s opinion when trying to define his profession. And when you approach the things like this, one outsider may find the acting a work of Sisyphus, a never ending toil. Well, it is not! Listening to Pavlu speak about the profession he had fallen for and that he devotes his time to, unconditionally on stage, on the big screen or on TV, we find out that this is the only way to get from a young student - who in his second year of study he sets foot on a shooting set for the first time in his life – to stardom. Not in a Hollywood-style of the term, because he doesn`t make a fuss about it; he is a talented and mature actor that one director can safely rely his film on his shoulders.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru
Translation: Iulia Necoara

Tags: actori romani, interviul saptamanii cu serban pavlu, romanian actors, serban pavlu, toata lumea din familia noastra film, umbre 2 serial hbo