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Interview of the week with Medeea Marinescu

     Medeea Marinescu says that she is not modest. But she is not arrogant or boastful either, the way a person - who knew how to take advantage of all the lucky circumstances life offered her so far – could be. Because it is a great luck to be born in a family of filmmakers - her parents, Ion Marinescu, was a well-known director of photography and producer and Violeta Marinescu, a make-up artist  for an impressive number of films – that encouraged her to follow their path. Because it was a great luck to work with Ion Popescu Gopo who offered her a main part in a film, which turned her into a child star at less than 7 years old. And it is a great luck to be the protagonist of some French films, alongside Michel Blanc and Daniel Auteuil. But in order to be a good actress, luck is not enough. One must necessarily have talent, intelligence, work power and, if possible, charisma. And Medeea Marinescu has them all, abundantly.

Cinematograhy: Dan Ţuculescu

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