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Interview of the week with Gheorghe Visu

     With his unrounded and prematurely wrinkled features and slim, firm body, with his black hair which was longer than the regulations of the time allowed, with his baritone voice, Gheorghe Visu became one of the ideal actors for the rebel young men that the films of the `70s and of the beginning of the `80s brought to the public eye.
His “rivals” in the same category were Dan Nuțu and Claudiu Bleonț. But his heroes were tougher, more willing to jump into the adventure and harder to control. It`s not by accident that his character, Mihu, from The Bride from the Train (the first important part in his filmography), rode his motorbike on the wall of death. And Sarcă from Fatally Injured by Love of Life was the circus guy who night after night would risk his life by taking deadly tumbles.
     From this first image to the strange, tired policeman in Dogs, there is a long way paved with many stage and film successes. This year`s edition of TIFF succeeded in putting together the two sides, building a sort of a time bridge and thus enhancing the actor`s charm and mystery. 

Cinematography: Nicolae Cara

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