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Incredible, amazing, unbelievable, sensational! ”Why Me?”, by Dan Chișu

  “A film about the drama of the kitchen sink”. This is how the director sarcastically presents his latest short film. It`s a film about film, a thriller with comic touches. Why me? is a story full of mystery, horror and sarcasm. In short, a young film director wants to make himself a name and finds a “shortcut” to success.
     In a communist apartment with two rooms there are over 20 people who came to shoot the new screenplay written by Dan Chișu. The actors Alexandru Bogdan, Emanuel PârvuTudor Aaron Istodor, Andrei Huțuleac entered the game that the director invited them to. Andrei Gheorghe is the director of photography and Adrian Chibulcuțean was in charge of the sound design. Above all the men`s voices in the rooms, you can hear the calls to order made by Anca Florescu, the executive producer.
     The short film Why Me? had a special screening at TIFF 2016.  Dan Chișu thinks of an omnibus with films about films, so he passed his idea towards other directors as well.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru

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