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“Untamed Romania” at the “Na Szage” Tourism Festival in Poznań

     From February 1 to 3, 2019, Poznań will host the 8th edition of the “Na Szage” Tourism Festival, an event dedicated to travelling. The event takes place in the academic environment of Poznań, under the patronage of the rector of the Physical Education and Sport Academy and hosted by the Academy Theatre.
     Being for the second time a partner of the event, the Romanian Cultural Institute of Warsaw will present the film Untamed Romania / România neîmblânzită, directed by Thomas Barton-Humphreys.
     The screening will take place on February 1, 2019, in the Theatre of the Physical Education and Sport Academy in Poznań, which hosts the most important evemts of the festival.
     The film produced by the British company Off the Fence, in collaboration with Auchan Retail Romania, presents a journey that starts in the Carpathian mountains (where bears, wolves and lynxes live freely) and ends in the Danube Delta (the place where the pelicans fly and where the water snakes swim in the deep waters). In the heart of Europe there is a fabulous natural life: an explosion of the wilderness that represents the home of many animals. The infinite mountains, old forests, endless waters house many animals that are important for the old continent. These are lands of beauty and of the wild where the destinies are decided only by the seasons. Creatures that seem to be taken out of legends live here freely and here, the animals fight for survival. And Untamed Romania reveals all these incredible stories.
     Untamed Romania will be presented thanks to Auchan Retail Romania, a partner of ICR Warsaw in this project.

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