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Romanian films included in Anonimul 2016 competition

     Anonimul 2016 International Independent Film Festival is to unfold between 8-14 August, in Sfântu Gheorghe, in the Danube Delta.
     Anonimul has announced the list of its international shorts, fiction and animation, that were included into this year's programme, as well as the Romanian shorts.
     Thus, the national competition will bring the audience the following productions: Blană/Fur (directed by Tudor Botezatu), Ana vine acasă/Ana Comes Home (directed by Emilian Floareș), KM 73 (directed by Radu Ghelbereu), Wall (directed by Dan Radu Mihai), Miercuri/Wednesdey (directed by Goran Mihailov), Apartament interbelic în zonă superbă, ultra-centrală/Interbellic Flat Located in Gorgeous Downtown Area (directed by Sebastian Mihăilescu), Într-o seară/In an Evening (directed by Teodor Mirea), Omagiu „J’ai tué ma mère” (directed by Alex Mironescu), Spid (directed by Bogdan Mureșanu), Meda (directed by Emanuel Pârvu), O noapte în Tokoriki/A Night in Tokoriki (directed by Roxana Stroe), 4:15 sfârșitul lumii/4:15. The End of the World (directed by Gabi Virginia Şarga & Cătălin Rotaru), Rec (directed by Lorand Toth & Doru Clita) and 40 de zile/40 Days (directed by Sorin Tănase).
     The feature film competition gathers six films, among which the latest full-length feature by director Ruxandra ZenideMiracolul din Tekir/The Miracle of Tekir.
     Starting in 2006, the Anonimul Foundation has been granting the Ovidiu Bose Paștina Award to a film included in the shorts competition. ANONIMUL will present this year a programme In memoriam Ovidiu Bose Paștina, which will include the 10 shorts that were granted Best Director Award over the years, together with the films: Arta apărării individuale/Art of Personal Defence (1980), directed by Ovidiu Bose Paștina, and Deasupra tuturor/Above All (2016), directed by his son, Iacob Paștina.
     The 13th Edition of ANONIMUL International Independent Film Festival is organised by Anonimul Foundation and FAMart Association, with the support of the Ministry of Culture, the National Filmmaking Centre, the Romanian Filmmakers Union, the County Council of Tulcea and the National Tourism Authority.
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