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Nomad Global Village Films in Constanța, between 9-29 August

     Nomad Global Village Film Festival is carrying on in Constanța, in Piața Ovidiu, with free of charge admission for the town's film lovers and for tourists. The screenings started on 9 August and will continue until 29 August.
     Constanța is recognised as the city with the largest number of minorities in Romania, having a long history of multi-ethnic cohabitation. Most of the films in the Festival's official selection are in the city minorities' languages - Russian, Greek, Bulgarian, German etc. The 15 films acclaimed at the most important film festivals and by the audience throughout the world, along the years, star extraordinary actors: Anthony Quinn, Nikita Mikhalkov, Harvey Keitel, Birol Unel, Romain Duris, Irene Papas, Claudia Cardinale, Ralph Fiennes or Omar Shariff. Beyond the historical dimension we find in these films, Piața Ovidiu will be filled with their music, energy and poetry.
     Before the screenings, to start at 21.30, dance performances will be held from 20.45. Thus, on 18, 22, 24 and 28 August, Macedo-Romanian dances will be performed, on 19 and 25 August Tartar dances, and on 23 August, Greek dances.
     The films to be screened within the programme are as follows: Gegen die Wand/Head-On (directed by Fatih Akin – 18 August), Band’s Visit (directed by Eran Kolirin – 19 and 17 August), Das Leben der Anderen / The Lives of Others (directed by Florian Henckel von Donnersmarck – 20 August), Utomlyonnye solntsem / Burnt by the Sun (directed by Nikita Mikhalkov – 21 August), Sunshine (directed by István Szabó – 22 August), Rembetiko (directed by Costas Ferris – 23 August), La vita e bella (directed by Roberto Benigni – 24 August), Opasen char / Dangerous Charm (directed by Ivan Andonov – 25 August), Străinul nebun / Gadjo Dilo / The Crazy Stranger (directed by Tony Gatlif – 26 August), Zorba the Greek (directed by Michael Cacoyannis – 28 August), Mayrig / Mother (directed by Henri Verneuil – 29 August).
     Nomad Global Village is a project developed by the Metropolis Cultural Association and funded by Constanța Municipality.
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