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The Films in the 2019 Romanian Short Waves Program

     Romanian Short Waves is a program organized by the Secvențe Association and supported for this edition by the Romanian Cultural Institute in Paris. Starting with 2008, Romanian Short Waves has annually presented a selection of Romanian short films in the Short Film Corner, a non-competition section of Cannes. The 18 titles of this year will be available on the Digital Film Library of the festival and will be screened in Palais F, on May 24, 2019, at 15:00.
     The 18 films of this year`s program are: The Christmas Gift/ Cadoul de Crăciun(directed by Bogdan Mureșanu), Today Artist, Tonight Taxist (directed by  Dumitru Grosei), The Call / Telefonul (directed by  Anca Damian), Everything Is Far Away / Totul e foarte departe (directed by  Emanuel Pârvu), Washington (directed by  Gabriel Achim), The Island / Insula (directed by  Adina Dulcu), The Last Road to the Sea / Ultimul drum spre mare(directed by  Adi Voicu), Ionuț and Călin (directed by  Sorin Poamă), Must Love Kubrick (directed by  Alma Andreescu), (directed by  Mihai Pârcălabu), Unsilenced Voices / Voci netăcute (directed by  Ioana Mischie), The Tower of Pisa / Turnul din Pisa (directed by Bogdan Ilieșiu),  The Beast / Bestia (directed by  Andreea Lăcătuș), A Death in My Family / O moarte în familia mea (directed by  Andra Tarara), Farewell, Daddy / Drum bun, tăticule (directed by Bianca Sescu),  Eminescu`s Coffer / Cufărul lui Eminescu (directed by Radu Nema), Somewhere in Moldova / Undeva în Moldova (directed by Ligia Ciornei), The Poison Child (directed by Mick Davis).
     Details: Institutul Cultural Român

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