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Romanian films at the Museum of the Romanian Peasant Cinema, between 12-22 August

     Between 12-22 August, 2016, the Museum of the Romanian Peasant Cinema scheduled a series of Romanian features, such as: Bacalaureat/Graduation  (directed by Cristian Mungiu), Usturoi/Garlic (directed by Lucian Alexandrescu) and Orizont (directed by Marian Crișan).
     Thus, Graduation will be screened at Horia Bernea Hall, on Saturday and Sunday (13-14.08), at 19.00, and on Tuesday, 16 August, and Thursday, 18 August, at 18.45. Garlic is scheduled on Tuesday, 16 August, in Grădina Cinema, at 21.00, while Orizont will have three open-air screenings – on Friday, 12 August, at 21.00, Wednesday, 17 August, and Friday, 19 August, starting at 21.00.  
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