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Archive Films at the Eforie Cinematheque, 25-31 July

     For the The Week of the Romanian Film on the Great War (25-31 July), the National Film Archives – the Romanian Cinematheque, in partnership with the National Office for Heroes Memory bring in front of the audience a program of productions made starting with the beginning of the 20th century until 1999. Besides the films that were screened in cinemas or were broadcast on different TV channels, some documentaries and news journals from the interwar period will be showed as well. Some of them haven`t been screened for many decades, so the selection offers the viewers the rare chance to see them. The first film from the selection of the organizers was The Forest of the Hanged, made by Liviu Ciulei, which received the award for Best Directing at the Cannes International Film Festival, in 1965.    

Besides the films that are screened, the event includes also a photo exhibition, “Following the Footsteps of the Heroes from the First World War”, made by the National Office for Heroes Memory, which can be found in the lobby of the Eforie Hall.
“The Week of the Romanian Film on the Great War” is an event organized as part of the celebration of the Centenary of the Great War which is this year.
Cinematography: Valeriu Ciubotaru

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