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The European Film Festival, a project of the European Year of Cultural Heritage

    The 22nd edition of the  European Film Festival - organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute, with the support of the European Commission for Regional Policy in Romania - was included on the list of the official initiatives and projects that are under the aegis of the European Year of Cultural Heritage. The decision was made following the submitting of an application made by the Romanian Cultural Institute in December 2017. The list was made public by the National Heritage Institute.
     In 2018 The European Film Festival will take place in Bucharest and other seven cities in Romania, from May, 7 until June, 3. The opening gala of the European Film Festival will take place in the Grand Hall of the “I.L.
Caragiale” National Theatre in Bucharest. Besides celebrating the multiculturalism of Europe by the diversity of its film industries, in 2018 the European Film Festival will bring a new special section, Restored Masterpieces, which will include restored patrimony European films.
     The European Film Festival is a project organized under the aegis of EUNIC Romania, with the support of the embassies and of the cultural centers of the European countries. The festival started in 1996, as an initiative of the Delegation of the European Commission in Romania, in order to celebrate Europe Day, May, 9. After 2007, the year of Romania`s adhesion to the European Union, the Romanian Cultural Institute started organizing it and continues to do so every year.
     The aim of the European Year of Cultural Heritage is to encourage more and more people to discover and appreciate the cultural heritage of Europe and to strengthen the feeling of belonging to a common European space. The slogan of the year is “Our patrimony: at the confluence of past and future”.
     On February, 15, the first event organized by the European Commission for Region
al Policy in Romania, in collaboration with the National Heritage Institute, dedicated to the European Year of Cultural Heritage will take place in Bucharest. During the event the projects that already received this logo and the events and the cross-national and European projects that will take place in 2018 will be presented.
Translation: Iulia Necoara

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