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Romanian documentaries at Cronograf 2017

     Cronograf International Documentary Film Festival will unfold between 25 – 31 May 2017, in Chișinău, Moldova.
     Un film mai puțin vesel, mai mult trist, poetic și sfătos / A Film Less Joyful, More Sad, Poetic and Wise (directed by Cornel Mihalache) is part of the main competition, while cadRO section includes a series of films, made by Romanian and foreign authors, dealing with Romanians and Romanian communities.
     In cadRO selection, the following documentaries were included: Descoperă România cu Peter Hurley / Discover Romania with Peter Hurley (directed by Camelia Moise), Radu Bercea, istoria unui destin / Radu Bercea, History of a Destiny (directed by Paul Palencsar), Roșia Montană azi / Roșia Montana Today (directed by Ion Cristodulo), Olteanca (directed by João Pedro Borsani), În căutarea tatălui pierdut / In Search of the Lost Father (directed by  Ionuț Teianu), Se vede tot? Tehnic, nu, stați liniștiți / Is Everything Visible? Technically, No, Don't Worry (directed by Vera Surățel), O viață ratată / A Failed Life (directed by Eugen Bocancea), Video-jurnal cu zimbri / Video Journal with Buffaloes (directed by Dan Curean), Tărâmul dintre ape / The Land Between Waters (directed by Marilena Gheorghiță), Camera obscură / The Dark Chamber (directed by Gheorghe Preda), Când timpul nu mai are răbdare / When Time Gets Impatient (directed by Andreea Dumitriu) and Frații Manakia. Jurnalul unei lungi priviri înapoi / Brothers Manakia. The Journal of a Long Look Back (directed by Eliza Zdru).
     The jury of the cadRO section is made up of Ciprian Mega (director, writer, priest), Antol Durbală (actor, director) and Robert Adam (cultural manager). The official competition jury includes actor Valeriu Andriuță, together with Bartosz Konopka (director, scriptwriter, journalist), Zlatinka Rousseva (director artistic of FF Millenium), Artur Vardikyan (film critic) and Taalaibek Kulmendeev (director, producer).
     The documentary Biserici de lemn din România / Wooden Churches of Romania (directed by Kiki Vasilescu) will have two screenings, one within “Proiecții la apartamentul deschis” (Screenings at an Open Flat) and another at “Cronograf la Muzeu” (Chronographer at the Museum). The event will be attended by director Kiki Vasilescu and producer Cristina Iordache, with the support of the Romanian Cultural Institute of Chișinău.
     Furthermore, the Home Mătăsari (directed by Ana Perfeito), a Romania-France co-production, will be also available for viewing at “Apartamentul deschis.”  
     Details at: Cronograf
(Translated by Stela Moise)

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