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Claude Lelouch opens the 10th edition of the festival Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest

     On October 18 and 19, 2019, the famous French filmmaker Claude Lelouche will be the guest of honor of the festival Les Films de Cannes à Bucarest. Three of his feature films will be screened in a retrospective that the festival dedicates him.Lelouch started being fascinated by the cinema when, as a child, he used
 to hide in the cinema halls during the Second World War. In 1957, while being a news camera operator, he was sent to Moscow undercover to shoot images about life in USSR. During this assignment, Lelouch arrived by accident at the Mosfilm studios, while a film was shooting – Mihail Kalatozov`s 
The Cranes Are Flying. And that experience made him want to become a film director. In 1960, he shoots his first feature film, Le proper de l`homme, with his film production society called Les Films 13, which was a total failure.
     In 1966, 6 years after the film critics so fiercely attacked him, Un home et une femme brought him the Palme D`Or. The film represented the birth of a popular author who has made more than 50 films ever since, which received many important awards on all the continents. Along the years, the festival that launched his career has selected these following films for the official selection:  L’aventure, c’est l’aventure (1972), Les uns et les autres (1981), Roman de gare (2007) and Les plus belles années d’une vie (2019).
     Un homme et une femme received more than 40 international awards, among which Palme d`Or, the Oscar for the Best Foreign Film and for the Best Screenplay. The film features Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant, Pierre Barouh, Valérie Lagrange. It is a simple love story which travelled round the world. One script girl, unconsoled after the death of her stuntman husband meets a car race pilot, whose wife committed suicide out of despair.
     Les plus belles années d’une vie was part of the official selection (outside the competition) of the Cannes Film Festival 2019. The film brought Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant together again, alongside Marianne Denicourt and Monica Belluci.
Nowadays, the old car race pilot loses himself among the dark roads of his memory. In order to help him, his son tries to find the woman that his father incessantly evokes despite the fact that didn`t know how to keep her in his life. Anne visits Jean-Louis and their love story continues from the point they left off. Thus, Lelouch continues and completes the adventure started with Un home et une femme and continued with Un home et une femme - Vingt Ans Dé.
 “With this story pervaded with an immense tenderness and sensitivity that the intimate perspective on two old lovers give us, Claude Lelouch signs one of his best creations lately. Maybe nostalgia helps him, maybe we are touc
hed by the reunion with this couple that made so many hearts vibrate or maybe we get to feel the testament vibes of what can be the last film in the life of some iconic actors, such as Trintignant and Aimée.” Mondociné writes.
     Les plus belles années d’une vie a făcut parte din Selecția oficială (în afara competiției) a Festivalui de la Cannes 2019 și i-a distribuit din nou pe Anouk Aimée, Jean-Louis Trintignant, și de data aceasta pe Marianne Denicourt și Monica Bellucci. Astăzi, bătrânul pilot de curse se cam pierde pe drumurile înnegurate ale memoriei sale. Ca să-l ajute, fiul o caută pe cea pe care tatăl său n-a știut s-o păstreze, dar pe care o evocă fără încetare. Anne îl revede pe Jean-Louis și vor relua povestea de dragoste din punctul în care au lăsat-o. Astfel, Lelouch completează și termină cu acest film aventura începută cu Un Homme et Une Femme și continuată cu Vingt Ans Déjà.
     „Cu această poveste străbătută de o imensă tandrețe și de sensibilitatea pe care ne-o conferă perspectiva intimă asupra a doi vechi iubiți, Claude Lelouch semnează una dintre cele mai bune creații ale sale din ultima vreme. Poate că îl ajută nostalgia, poate că ne tulbură mult reuniunea cu acest cuplu care a făcut să vibreze atâtea inimi sau poate pentru că simțim și tușele testamentare în ceea ce ar putea fi ultimul film din cariera unor actori iconici precum Trintignant și Aimée”, scrie Mondociné.

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