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Cinepub – Adrian Sitaru, Radu Jude and Marian Crișan

     This week, Cinepub, the Romanian film online platform catalogue will be added other three shorts directed by Adrian SitaruMarian Crișan and Radu Jude.
     Excursie (Excursion) (directed by Adrian Sitaru) follows a 9-year old boy who steals a video camera and starts to record on film his everyday life, until he finds out that aliens have landed in Romania. Then he disappears.
     In Lampa cu căciulă (The Tube with a Hat), a short directed by Radu Jude, a child is keen on seeing the Bruce Lee movie broadcast that evening, but the TV is broken and the village specialist is away.
     Maxim, the lead character in Megatron (directed by Marian Crișan), wants to celebrate his birthday at McDonald’s, with both his parents. Neither the fact that he lives in a village far away from the next town with a McDonald’s in it, nor his mother's arguments who tells him his father has no time for them convince the kid to give up his plan.
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