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CinemaTour Kids Caravan reaches the counties of Dolj and Brașov

     CinemaTour Kids Caravan, initiated by the Enkidu Association, will screen children films in villages and localities without a movie theatre from the counties of Dolj and Brașov, between 4 - 28 April, 2017.
     On this occasion, the children will have the opportunity to view the feature film Ploddy, mașina de poliție la datorie / Pelle Politibil på sporet / Ploddy, the Police Car on the Case (Norvway, 2013, directed by Rasmus A. Sivertsen, Rune Spaans), and the shorts Lașul / Pyse / Sissy (2013, Norway, directed by Siri Rutlin Harildstad), Camioane și chiftele / Köttbullarna och gaffeltrollet / Meat Balls and Fork Beast (2012, Sweden, Johan Hagelbäck) and Boo (2013, Sweden, Alicja Jaworski).
     The four titles in the programme of CinemaTour Kids' fourth Edition will be screened with the support of the Embassy of the Kingdom of Norway and of the Embassy of Sweden. The films have Romanian subtitles and are doubled by Ciprian Nedelcu (graduate of UNATC – Department of Acting, and Puppetry).
     The first 3 Editions of CinemaTour Kids took place between June, 2015 and September, 2016. The films reached over 30 different localities and were viewed by almost 7,000 children.
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(Translated by Stela Moise)

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