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“The Christmas Gift”, Among the 10 Nominees for the Academy Awards

     Among the one hundred ninety-one films qualified in the Live Action Short Film category, ten films were selected for the short list, after the vote of the American Film Academy. The Christmas Gift / Cadoul de Crăciun, directed by Bogdan Mureșanu, is among them.
     The film received many awards for Best Film, Best Screenplay, Best Director, Best Actors and soon it received The Best European Short Film Award given by the European Film Academy. 
     The story of the little boy who asks Santa Claus to bring joy to his father (“Nea Nicu should die”) comes to a moment in which everybody commemorates the events from December 1989, when the Romanians asked “Down with Communism!”, “Down with Ceaușescu!”, “Freedom!”
     The Christmas Gift is the first Romanian short film that reached this level of the Oscars competition.
     In 2012, the feature film Beyond the Hills / După dealuri, directed by Cristian Mungiu, reached the short list of the nominations.

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