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“Graduation”, released in the Czech Republic movie theatres

     Bacalaureat / Graduation (directed by Cristian Mungiu) will be released in the Czech Republic movie theatres on 13 April, 2017, distributed by Aerofilms.
     Romeo Aldea, a doctor in a small town of Transilvania, is doing everything he can so that his daughter, Eliz, is accepted by a British University. In order to comply with the admission criteria, she only needs one thing, which should not be a problem for her: to graduate high school. But everything gets complicated when Eliza is aggressed on her way to school. Although nothing serious happens to her, overwhelmed by the fear that his daughter might fail the exam and that the graduation diploma might not be sent in time, his father start to take action forgetting, however, that in this way he overrides all the principles he preached to his daughter.
     The feature will be also screened within the section Best of, of the 24th Edition of the European Film Days International Festival, to unfold in Prague, during 6-13 April 2017. The screening will take place on Tuesday, 11 April 2017, from 20:00, Prague, the Czech Republic.
     Details at: ICR
(Translated by Stela Moise)

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