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Preview DokStation 2018: the Documentary „Placebo – Alt.Russia”

     On Thursday, August 16, starting with 19:30, a new preview screening of the third edition of the DokStation Music Documentary Film Festival will take place at the DESCHIS Gastrobar (Splaiul Unirii, 160).
     Presented as the Romanian premiere, the documentary Placebo: Alt.Russia (2016, directed by Charlie Targett-Adams) is a fascinating exploration of the alternative culture in the big Russian cities.
     Before the screening, iO & Călin will take sounds from the Placebo discography and other adjacent musical areas and will turn them into original stuff.The access is free.
     In the year of celebrating their 20 years of career, the British band Placebo received the unique chance of performing in ten Russian cities. Presented by the bass player Stefan Olsdal, the documentary Placebo: Alt.Russia explores the alternative culture in the big Russian cities.
     While travelling through Russia, the British musicians meet artists, architects and famous people, discovering the local community and its less known creative energy. From Krasnoyarsk in Siberia to St. Petersburg, on the shore of the Baltic Sea, the film documents the Placebo tour, the band interacting with local characters, the effervescent alternative culture, as well as the strong emotions caused by the intense Placebo concerts.
     The third edition of the DokStation Music Documentary Film Festival, the only festival dedicated to the film documentaries in Bucharest, will take place from September 13 to 18, 2018. The festival will bring in front of the audiences from different Bucharest quarters screenings, concerts, events and workshops for children and young people, both in buildings with history and tradition and in unconventional spaces.
     Details: // Facebook event

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