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Workshops at Bucharest International Dance Film Festival 2016

     The second edition of Bucharest International Dance Film Festival (9 -13 November) prepared for the viewers a series of unmissable events.
     Workshops focusing on dance film creation and production, conferences delivered by industry professionals, masterclasses and digital art exhibitions are some of the events in the festival's diverse programme.
     This year, BIDFF is proposing [CO]laborator, an workshop dedicated to dance film creation and production, with the purpose of making three dance shorts. 24 students with UNATC and UNARTE will progressively develop projects from idea stage to public presentation. The workshop will be held between 31 October – 13 November at UNATC, being coordinated by Anamaria Antoci (film producer, manager of the festival) and Simona Deaconescu (choreographer, artistic director of BIDFF), together with other experts in the field. The programme includes notions on film theory and practice, script development and shoot making, as well as on post-productn. The three shorts to be made within the [CO]laborator will be presented at a special screening dedicated to local dance film production, on 13 November from 19:00, at Club Control.
     On Wednesday, 9 November, from 12:00 to 16:00, the audience is invited to Intermedia Body, a conference on dance innovation and new technologies, coordinated by Mihaela Kavdanska. Artists Antoni Rayzhekov, Gerhard Funk, Cătălin Crețu, Cinty Ionescu, Simona Deaconescu, Raluca Nestor-Oancea and Cristian Iordache will share their experience on the process of accomplishing a collective inter-disciplinary work within the context of contemporary art. The event will take place at the National Music University of Bucharest (UNMB) – Auditorium Hall, being co-organised by the Avmotional Platform and the Electroacoustic and Multimedia Music Centre of UNMB.
     BIDFF is also proposing the international exhibition Digital Body – comprising digital works of art on the way the body adjusts to the informational chaos era. Artists from Germany, Italy, Finland, Great Britain and Romania will present their artistic research results through works that incite not only the intellect, but also the emotions. The 9 works selected explore video art, interactive sculpture objects, digital performance and poem.
     The exhibition will open on Wednesday, 9 November, from 19:00, at Galateca Gallery. The exhibition will be opened to the public for the entire duration of the festival.
     Thursday, 10 November, will be dedicated to the confluences between body, sound and video through a series of workshops and presentations. The masterclass The chicken or the egg?, delivered by Spanish director Alex Pachon at UNATC (from 10:00 to 13:00), will address issues on the relation between music and dance within a choreographic process meant for shooting. The masterclass will mix theory with practice. The participants will have the opportunity to create a collective work using body percussion, contemporary dance, organic body sounds and cinematographic expression techniques.
     The presentation by artist Claudia Hart (USA) at Galateca Gallery, on Thursday, 10 November (19:00 – 20:00) will focus on creating avatar bodies in contemporary performance. The presentation will start from the issue of representation, the role of computer in transforming cultural values and the definition of „natural” in today's world.
     One of the trendiest choreographers of the day, winner of the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale, Chris Haring will share his working method with the audience. The presentation Strange Body in Artificial Paradise will be focused on describing the creation process based on the influence of socialising networks on people today, and the way they have marked the arts over the latest years. The event is scheduled on Friday, 11 November, from 19:00 to 20:00, at the National Dance Centre.
     On Saturday, 12 November, artist Christian Faubel will present, within the exhibition Digital Body, a novel performance mixing robotics, sound composition and retro-projection technique. Songs from My Analogue Utopia will be held at Galateca Gallery, from 14:00 to 16:00.
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