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Romanian workshops and films at HyperFest 2016

     HyperFest Student Film Festival is hosting this year a series of workshops delivered by Romanian specialists.
     The festival is to host three workshops: a film directing one, delivered by Napoleon Helmis (26 October, at 12.00), an acting one with Dorotheea Petre (27 October, at 12.00), and a screenwriting one, the guest being Radu Nicoară (28 October, 12.30).
     Apart from the shorts included in the competition, HyperFest also scheduled several of the latest Romanian feature-length films: Dublu/Double (directed by Catrinel Dănăiață), Sieranevada (directed by Cristi Puiu), Câini/Dogs (directed by Bogdan Mirică), Afacerea Est (directed by Igor Cobileanski) and 03.ByPass (directed by Napoleon Helmis).
     Admission to festival will be free of charge. All events and screenings are to be held at Cinema Europa during 26-30 October, 2016.
     Details at: Facebook // Hyperion

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